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My Identity Has Been Stolen!

ID TheftIdentity theft affects millions of consumers each year. If you suspect you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, follow these steps: 

  1. Immediately contact your bank and credit card providers by calling the phone number listed on your statements
  2. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by one of the following methods: 
    • By Internet: 
    • By Phone: Toll-free (877) ID-THEFT (438-4338); TDD: (202) 326-2502 
    • By Mail : Identity Theft Clearinghouse, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20580 
  3. Contact one of the three major credit reporting agencies to put yourself on 'Fraud Alert' and request a copy of your credit report: 
    • Equifax® - PO Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241, (800) 525-6285, 
    • Experian® - PO Box 9532, Allen, TX 75013, 1-888-EXPERIAN (888-397-3742), 
    • TransUnion - PO Box 6790, Fullerton, CA 92634, (800) 680-7289, 
  4. Cancel all accounts that have fraudulent activity or are at risk 
  5. Contact your local law enforcement agency 
  6. If your mail has been stolen, contact the U.S. Postal Service 
  7. Keep detailed records of your efforts to resolve any theft of your identity, including: 
    • Log the date, time, and amount of any unauthorized activity on your accounts 
    • Log the date, time, duration, and cost of any phone calls 
    • Log the date and cost of any mailings 

Additional Resources on ID Theft 

To Reduce Direct Marketing From Other Companies

  • Pre-screened Credit Offers - call (888) 567-8688 or write the credit reporting bureaus: 

Consumer Opt-Out 
901 West Bond 
Lincoln, NE 68521
Equifax®, Inc. 
P.O. Box 740123 
Atlanta, GA 30374-0123 
TransUnion Corporation 
Name Removal Option 
P.O. Box 97328 
Jackson, MS 39288-7328 
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