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Mobile Security & Privacy Protection

Protecting yourself is not just for computers anymore. With the proliferation of mobile devices and smartphones across a wide spectrum of age demographics, you should be aware of the security and personal information risks associated with accessing the Internet on any device (e.g. computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone).

Today malware, viruses, phishing and other online threats can happen on a mobile device just as easily as it can on a personal computer (PC). Plus a mobile device has a risk of being lost or stolen, taking with it personal information about you, your family and friends. So security best practices should be applied to all your electronic devices.*

Here are some easy ways to protect your security and privacy:
  • Keep It Updated - mobile devices run on software (e.g. operating systems and browsers) that should be kept updated to the latest version. Keep in mind that this may require syncing the device via a computer, so keep both systems up-to-date.**
  • Keep It Secure - be sure to install appropriate security software on your mobile device and keep it up-to-date.**
  • Keep It Protected - in the event your mobile device is lost or stolen, follow these steps ahead of time to keep personal information safe:
    • Lock It - use the mobile device’s Passcode/Password screen lock functionality, if available.
    • Wipe It - if using a smartphone, install an App that wipes your data remotely
    • Disable It - think about disabling the Geotagging of any pictures taken with your smartphone.** Geotagging stores location-based data on each image using Latitude and Longitude. So anyone looking at those images on your phone or online after they have been posted, are able to see exactly where they were taken.
  • Keep It Confidential - be cautious when sharing your mobile phone number with anyone except people you know and trust. And never give anyone else's number out without their permission.
  • Keep It Safe - use caution when surfing the Internet or downloading Apps by following these steps:
    • Review It - always review the privacy policy and what information (e.g. access to your social networks, geolocation) an App can access before you install it.
    • Don't Do It - do not use Mobile Banking or Online Banking via public Wi-Fi networks. Most are unsecured and use unprotected networks. Visit our Mobile Banking Security page for more security information and recommendations.
    • Forget It - do not allow your mobile device (or your computer) to remember login credentials.
*We use 'mobile devices' throughout this article, but most of the applications should be considered for tablets too.
**For assistance, please contact the merchant where you purchased the mobile device or your mobile carrier.

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