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New Trojan Virus: Tatanarg Bank Trojan

Posted: March 7, 2011
A new virus has been detected that specifically targets customers that bank electronically.

The Threat

Tatanarg has all the standard banking Trojan functions:
  • Disables or disrupts security software
  • Kills other malware that may interfere with its mission
  • Modifies, or injects, fake HTML in the browser
  • Enables remote access
The Trojan captures sensitive information, including details of accessed internet banking sites and sends it to the remote attacker.

While this new Trojan should be a concern for all customers, we want to highlight the importance of protecting your computer from all threats.

It is not realistic to think that everyone can be alerted to every threat. There are too many threats and new ones being launched every day. If you choose to participate in online activities, being aware of the risk associated with the online community is necessary to protect yourself and your computer.

Stay Safe Online
  • Do not trust unsolicited email messages requesting to click on a link or an attachment. Emails with malicious intent will often try to scare you into believing something bad will happen if you do not click a link or download software.
  • Do NOT reveal personal or financial information over the internet, and do not respond to email solicitations for this information. This includes following links sent in email. Emails with malicious intent will play on your sympathy or your desire to be helpful.
  • Visit to view more recommendations for protecting your computer.

Computer Management
  • Keep computers up-to-date with the current patches and anti-virus protection.
  • Employ a SPAM filter software that scans emails for malicious content.
  • Contact your security expert today if you have concerns about the current protection methods you are using on your computer.
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