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April 6, 2012

Breach at Debit & Credit Card Payment Processor - Global Payments Inc

When a business that maintains debit and credit card information has a breach of its stored information, it becomes a news headline around the country. Recently you might have heard something on the news about an information breach at Global Payments Inc, a payment processor that processes debit and credit card payments for merchants. Because this story is getting so much news coverage across the country there is another risk we want you to be aware of social engineering.

The scammers will use this story and consumers heightened awareness of the story to play on their fears and try to convince them that their information was at risk and trick the consumer into divulging information that was not at risk. They may send an email or text message notifying you that your card was part of the breach and you need to take action immediately. They may try to get you to give out your card number and PIN number for your card or your personal information such as social security number or date of birth.

We’d like to remind customers of this type of scam and that Landmark Bank will never contact you and request confidential information. We will not contact you and ask for it outright and we will not ask you to confirm sensitive information. If you are contacted via email, phone or text message and told that there is a problem with your card or account and they request for you to give them personal information, you should not give out the information.  If you have questions about your card or account, you should contact the bank via a phone number you have on file.

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