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Account Takeover Threat Resurfaces

Posted: January 26, 2012
There is a new threat in the Account Takeover space. The Ramnit Worm has resurfaced and is reportedly targeting Facebook users.

What is Ramnit?

Ramnit is a worm that can spread to other computers and reproduce itself without being sent through email or a website. Since 2010, Ramnit has altered to include a Zeus variation which targets online banking credentials, particularly those of consumers. This new version has successfully bypassed two-factor authentication, infecting an estimated 800,000 computers since September 2011.

Why should you be concerned?

Researchers believe the cybercriminals unleashing Ramnit are targeting Facebook for multiple reasons. A large number of potential victims exist in Facebook, approximately 800 million potential victims worldwide. Additionally, if an individual uses the same password for multiple applications, gaining his/her Facebook credentials may open the door to online banking accounts, remote access to corporate networks, etc.

Many individuals use the same passwords to access personal email and Facebook accounts as well as for remote access to corporate networks and online banking accounts.

The same passwords or security challenge questions should never be used for social media, email and online banking access.
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