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Dream Saver CD

A Flexible, high interest CD that works for you on your terms. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?


Landmark Bank offers the Dream Saver CD, a certificate of deposit that makes saving on your terms easy and achievable. The Dream Saver CD from Landmark Bank is the smart way to save for whatever your immediate financial goals are.



Uses for a high interest CD

With terms as short as a 6-month CD, the Dream Saver CD puts your savings to work. With high certificate of deposit rates, watch your savings grow to pay for things like:


  • A vacation
  • Christmas gifts
  • Home improvements
  • A new car
  • Whatever else you want

Whatever your goal is, a high interest CD from Landmark Bank can help you get there faster than you thought possible.

Build Your Savings with a 6-month CD

Certificates of Deposits traditionally have higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts. The hang up for some people when deciding between their savings options is that CDs are locked into their terms and funds and interest gained are not accessible until the CD matures many years down the road.


With great certificate of deposit rates, it doesn’t matter if you choose a 6-month CD or a 60-month (5-year) CD. You can rest assured that you have a high-interest CD putting your money to work for you.


When the time comes, whether that be six months or five years down the road, that vacation or new car won’t seem as impossible as it did when you began saving.


That’s what the Dream Saver CD does. It helps you save for your dreams.

Pair Your High Interest CD with Landmark Checking

Your bank works better for you when you combine multiple services. Customers with a Landmark Bank checking account are eligible to watch their high interest CD grow with automatic transfers from your Landmark Bank checking account.


Just determine what amount you want to contribute and the frequency of transfers; whether that be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The more you have in your CD, the more interest it builds and the better it works for you. With great certificate of deposit rates, growing the savings in your Dream Saver CD has never been easier.


How Early Withdrawals Work

Maybe there was an emergency. Maybe your dream is further from your reach than you had thought. Regardless, if you need access to your money before it matures, you can withdraw your principal balance at any time.

With early withdrawals, a penalty is assessed equal to the amount of interest the certificate of deposit has accrued. If this happens, Landmark Bank won’t ask you why or how. We understand plans don’t always work out. If you withdraw or close your account within six days of opening it, you will be subject to an early withdrawal penalty of at least seven days’ interest on amounts withdrawn.

Benefits of the Dream Saver CD

The Dream Saver CD is a flexible option for those looking for a short-term CD with great certificate of deposit rates.


  • Use a Dream Saver CD as a smart alternative to buying with credit that earns you interest & doesn’t charge interest
  • Open your Dream Saver CD with a low minimum deposit of $25.00**
  • Add to your CD automatically monthly, bi-weekly or weekly ***
  • Choose the term of your Dream Saver CD (six month minimum) up to five-years.
  • Start saving today at great certificate of deposit rates, guaranteed through the term of your CD

Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality – Open a Dream Saver CD

Landmark Bank knows you have dreams. We have the banking products to help you achieve them, whether you choose a 6-month CD or a 60-month CD. The Dream Saver CD is exactly that; a way to save for your dreams and make them a reality.

With great certificate of deposit rates, Landmark makes reaching these goals more achievable.


Visit your local Landmark Bank branch today to open a Dream Saver CD. 


* If the time deposit is cashed prior to maturity, you will be assessed a penalty equal to the amount of interest accrued; however, if it is cashed within the first six days after the account is open, the law requires us to charge a penalty of at least seven days' simple interest. If there is not enough accrued interest to cover the required penalty, we will deduct the penalty from principal.
**Maximum CD deposit amount is $25,000.
***Monthly minimum transfers of $25 required.

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