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Dream Saver CD

What is your dream?
The Dream Saver CD helps you build your savings. It's the smart way to save for a vacation, Christmas gifts or whatever your goal. And instead of using credit and paying interest, you earn interest on your money!

Watch your CD grow through automatic transfers from your Landmark Bank checking account. You determine the amount you want to contribute and whether you want weekly, bi-weekly or monthly transfers.

Plus, you decide how long it will take to reach your savings goal--from six months to five years. If you need access to your money sooner, you can withdraw your principal at any time. *

Dream Saver CD benefits:
  • Use as an alternative to buying with credit
  • Open with only $100**
  • Add to your CD automatically monthly, bi-weekly or weekly ***
  • Choose the term of your Dream Saver CD (six month minimum)
  • Start saving today at a great interest rate, guaranteed through the term of your CD

* If the time deposit is cashed prior to maturity, you will be assessed a penalty equal to the amount of interest accrued; however, if it is cashed within the first six days after the account is open, the law requires us to charge a penalty of at least seven days' simple interest. If there is not enough accrued interest to cover the required penalty, we will deduct the penalty from principal.
**Maximum CD deposit amount is $25,000.
***Monthly minimum transfers of $25 required.
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