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Landmark Bank is committed to helping you and your family develop a diverse savings plan. Wondering how to save money? Landmark Bank has personal savings options to fit both your lifestyle and goals.

Whether you are saving for a big purchase, retirement or just putting money aside for the future, there are plenty of ways to build your personal savings. 

From the experienced investor to first-time savers with big dreams, our personal savings options make sticking to a savings plan easy.  

At Landmark Bank, you can rest assured you will receive the right personal savings options for your current situation. All of this comes with hometown service you wouldn’t receive at larger national banks.

Personal Savings Options

Whether you need a personal savings account or a long-term CD, Landmark Bank has personal savings options that fit your lifestyle, needs & financial goals.

Personal Money Market Account

Personal Money Market Account’s feature great interest rates and allow you to access your funds at any time. Expect a competitive interest rate and great service when you open an MMA with Landmark Bank.  

Personal Savings

Are you just starting to save? Whatever your financial situation, these basic accounts could be your perfect match. Open one today!

Health Savings

Health Savings Accounts are tax-exempt, and a great part of any savings plan for those looking to save money on qualified individual and family medical expenses. A tax-free savings account offering peace of mind. Now that’s smart!

Landmark Kid’s Club Savings Account

Teach your kids how to save money at a young age. After all, It’s never too early to start saving and no amount of personal savings is too small. The Kid's Club Savings Account at Landmark Bank is the perfect entry-level savings plan for children. Your kids have always wanted to be just like mom and dad, so let them save like you.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A certificate of Deposit (CD) is a great compliment to any personal savings plan. Our CDs are FDIC insured up to at least $250,000. Reach for a CD with a competitive interest rate today.

Dream Saver CD

Want to know how to save money for larger purchases in the future? Landmark Bank’s Dream Saver CD can help. The Dream Saver CD is a smart alternative to buying with credit, earning you a competitive interest rate. Add automatic transfers from your Landmark Bank checking account at any time!


Find out What Landmark Bank Has to Offer

Landmark Bank has designed a full range of personal savings options to help our customers achieve their financial goals.

Whether you are diversifying your portfolio with a certificate of deposit (CD), opening a money market account or simply want a basic account to start saving, – Landmark Bank has you covered.

Landmark Bank is here to help you figure out how to save money and develop a personal savings plan for your family. Discover what’s best for you today.  

Already a Landmark Bank personal savings customer? Enroll in personal internet banking today to access your account online. Getting started is quick, easy and free.

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