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Buying A Home

We’re here to make your home buying experience easy. That’s why we thought you’d like to know the process of turning your dream home into reality. Here’s what you can expect.

Talk to One of Our Real Estate Lenders
When you decide to purchase a home, the first person you will want to talk to is one of our experienced real estate lenders. The lender is your advocate and will guide you through the process of homeownership and answer any questions you have. They will match your finances and homeownership goals with the appropriate loan product, and help you complete the paper work required for your loan application.

Complete Your Loan Application
Apply online or at one of our banking centers for pre-qualification before you begin house-hunting. Pre-qualification gives you an idea of the homes within your price range and shows the seller that you’re a serious buyer able to secure a loan.

Choose Your New Home with a Real Estate Professional
Working with an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent can save you time and money. They will assist in your research of homes in your price range, provide information on neighborhoods, taxes, and school districts in the areas that interest you, handle negotiations, and order home inspections.

Once you find the home you wish to buy and your loan application is approved, we will order an appraisal of that home. A professional appraiser will visit the property, analyze the recent selling prices of similar homes in the area, and determine the market value of the property.

Once your home loan is fully processed, an underwriter will verify all data entered by processors and originators, and ensure that all necessary documentation is present. This is the last step in the loan approval process.

Title Search
A title search will be ordered during the purchase process. A title search is a review of public records and the preparation of a report detailing the property's history of ownership. When the search is complete, a mortgage title insurance policy will be obtained which protects the lender against losses due to a faulty title.

Once all the conditions have been met and the title search is complete, a date is set for the closing. You, your loan officer, the seller, and other parties involved in the transaction will meet to complete the sales transaction, which will include the signing of many legal documents and the payment of various fees.

Move In!
You are now a homeowner and once you take possession of the property, you are free to move in!
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