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Mortgage Refinancing Services

Apply Online Now to Refinance Your Mortgage

Home Refinancing from Landmark Bank is a great way to take advantage of today’s low interest rates, reduce mortgage costs or cash out to pay off other debts.

Landmark Bank offers innovative home refinancing solutions to help meet any financial goal.

It’s easy to refinance real estate loans with Landmark Bank, because our local home loan experts are here for you every step of the way – from your initial approval through closing.

When is Mortgage Refinance Right for Me?

Making a decision regarding home refinancing is an important one, because of how much money it can save you both in the immediate future and over the life of your loan.

The equity you have built up in your home is perhaps the most important factor in considering mortgage refinance, because it dictates the terms of your new loan.

If you have built up significant equity in your home, refinancing can allow you to drop private mortgage insurance (PMI), get cash out to consolidate other debt with a lower interest rate saving a considerable amount of interest between now and the time your loan is paid off.

Some common reasons for Home Refinancing include:

  • The desire to lower your monthly mortgage payment. A variety of factors including your remaining loan-to-value ratio (LTV) whether or not you are paying PMI and a high existing rate are all factors that help determine your current payment
  • Being able to pay off your mortgage faster by shortening terms
  • Getting cash out of your current home to finance a large purchase
  • Consolidating debt
  • Switching an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage to streamline payments

More a closer look at your personal needs to consider refinancing your home, check out our online calculator.

Why Refinance Real Estate Loans with Landmark Bank

If Mortgage refinance is on your mind, the professional home refinancing lending team at Landmark Bank is here for you, offering competitive fixed rates you would expect from a large bank with the friendly, hometown service you can only find at Landmark Bank. We will help to determine if refinancing is right for you and help get you a great rate.

When you have questions about your mortgage refinance application you can be assured that your dedicated home refinancing lender is by your side to provide answers, always keeping you one step ahead of the process.

Home refinancing doesn’t have to be a pain when you have a mortgage refinance expert by your side.

Qualified customers can also be eligible for a streamline mortgage refinance through Landmark Bank, making the process even easier, reducing the costs and documentation needed to close your new loan.

Apply for Mortgage Refinance Online

Whatever your reason for home refinancing, Landmark Bank can help you get out of your old loan and into a better mortgage easier than you ever imagined. We refinance real estate loans for customers in all kinds of situations, and our experienced mortgage refinance team is always here to answer your questions along the way.

Applying for Mortgage Refinance at Landmark Bank can be done online or at your nearest branch. Start the process online now

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