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Protect Your Account with IronKey Trusted Access

Increased security measures are not just at airports anymore!
The online criminal world has increased their efforts of targeting small-to-medium sized businesses. Once these criminals are able to tap into a computer system, they can acquire Login IDs and Passwords through key logging spyware and conduct unauthorized transactions that appear to be a legitimate transaction conducted by the company or individual.

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Protect Yourself
Protect Your Business
The threats are real. The threats are serious.
Security steps may be inconvenient, but they are necessary!

Landmark Bank is committed to working with you to help defend your business from cyber-threats. We work hard to protect your information on this end, but we believe it’s time to take the next step in protecting your accounts on your end.

IronKey Trusted Access

Take the Next Step in Protecting Your Accounts
Landmark Bank has partnered with IronKey, an Internet security company, to offer Trusted Access to all of our business Internet Banking customers. By plugging the IronKey device into the USB drive of the computer, the Trusted Access application invokes its own operating system and secure Internet browser, along with encrypting both the keyboard and information being displayed on the screen. While we cannot promise any technology to be 100% fail proof, this combination of security layers is designed to prevent criminals from stealing personal information. Read the IronKey Introduction to learn more.

Because we believe in the security of this product to help protect you from external security threats, we are providing the devices to you at cost ($14.95/month/device). We strongly encourage you to use this device to protect yourself and your business when conducting online transactions.

In addition to using the IronKey devices, we strongly advise you to implement internal best practices to guard your information and finances. We have created an outline with some recommendations called  Protect Your Business from Online Fraud.

What is Landmark Bank doing?
We continue to look for opportunities to build upon the current security layers we have in place to protect our Internet Banking system. In the upcoming months, you will be hearing more about a system upgrade that will include security enhancements that meet the guidelines issued by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).  Landmark Bank is committed to working together with our customers to defend their accounts and business against cyber-crime.

Give us a call today at (800) 618-5503 if you have any questions or want assistance in ordering your IronKey Trusted Access devices.

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