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PassMark™ - Enhanced Security for Internet Banking

We want you to feel confident that your accounts and identity are well protected. Banking online enables you to detect fraud earlier by reviewing account activity regularly, rather than waiting for a monthly statement to arrive in the mail. And now banking online is even more secure. 

Introducing ... PassMark™
An innovative approach to identity verification, PassMark provides an additional layer of security through a two-way authentication process. By passing secret information back and forth that only you and our bank know, you can feel even more secure about banking online. We recognize you and now you can recognize us.

It takes three easy steps to enroll:
  1. Pick a unique image, called a PassMark™.
  2. Create a short personal phrase.
  3. Select three challenge questions and enter answers only known to you.
It is important to remember that Landmark Bank will only reset the Password or Passmark for the owner of this Internet Banking account.  If you elect to share the Login ID with another account holder, be sure you both know the answers to these questions.

Download the Enrollment Process guide.  (Adobe Acrobat required)

Here is how PassMark works once you are enrolled:

    Enter your Login ID and click Submit

Rover the super user


If we recognize your computer, we will display your PassMarkimage and personal phrase.

What is your favorite pet's name?

  If we don't recognize your computer, we will ask you one of your secret challenge questions. After you answer the question correctly, we will display your PassMarkimage and personal phrase.


  Once you recognize your PassMark™ image and personal phrase, you know you are at our bank website and it is safe to enter your Password. If you do not recognize the image and phrase, you could be at a fraudulent website. Do not enter your Password and contact the bank immediately.

If you have questions, please read the PassMark Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact us at (800) 618-5503.

PassMark™ image above is protected by the PassMark Authentication System
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