Certificates of Deposit 

Landmark Bank makes it easy to save with a variety of popular CDs that offer higher yield returns and competitive rates.

When You’re Serious About Saving

Are you ready to take your savings to the next level? When you’re serious about saving, Landmark Bank’s certificates of deposit (CDs) are an excellent way to grow your hard-earned dollars and enhance your financial portfolio over time. Our CD rates are much higher than those on traditional savings accounts, making them a good choice for big savings. You can rest easy knowing our CDs have guaranteed rates locked in for the life of the certificate, and are insured by the FDIC.
At Landmark Bank, you have your choice when it comes to certificate of deposit options. Choose the one that’s right for you.


Traditional Certificate of Deposit

Regular CDs lend a high-yield return to your savings plan and are a good option for diversifying your financial portfolio. Terms on regular CDs from Landmark Bank vary from three to 60 months.


Dream Saver Certificate of Deposit

The ultimate CD, the Dream Saver allows for automatic transfers from your Landmark Bank checking account, making it the easiest way to put back money and grow the value of your CD over its term. And the higher the principal, the faster your interest grows. The Dream Saver makes saving faster and more effective. With a Dream Saver CD, watch your savings grow to pay for things like:
  • A vacation
  • Home improvements
  • A new car
  • Whatever else you want!
The Dream Saver CD is a flexible option for those looking for a short-term CD.
  • Rather than buying with credit (and paying interest), save for your purchase with a Dream Saver CD and earn interest. It’s a smart alternative!
  • Open your Dream Saver CD with a low opening deposit of $25.00*
  • Add to your CD automatically monthly, biweekly or weekly **
  • Choose the term of your Dream Saver CD (six month minimum) up to five years.
  • Start saving today. Rates are guaranteed through the term of your CD.

Special Certificates of Deposit

Landmark Bank routinely offers special CDs with competitive rates. Head to your local Landmark Bank and ask about our current certificate of deposit specials.
Learn More About CDs
Certificates of deposit are insured by the FDIC, so you can rest assured your investment is safe at Landmark Bank.
Unlike a traditional savings account, a certificate of deposit is based on the terms specified by you, the customer. In general, CD terms range from three month to five years, and the interest gained in the account doesn’t benefit you until the CD’s maturity date, at which time the certificate of deposit is redeemable for the principal balance plus any interest accrued.
Open a CD with Landmark Bank
With competitive CD rates fixed into place at the time you open your account, and up to $250,000 of your money FDIC-insured, a certificate of deposit from Landmark Bank is a smarter way to manage your money.
Visit your local Landmark Bank branch to open a CD today.

*Maximum CD deposit amount is $25,000.

**Monthly minimum transfers of $25 required.

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