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Join the Landmark Club of Southern Missouri

Upcoming Trips


The Landmark Club is our way of improving the bank and customer relationship, offering exclusive membership opportunities to our banking customers in Southern Missouri!


Community Emphasis on Community Banking

Community banking is better when it’s more about community than banking. As a community leader in Southern Missouri, The Landmark Club provides opportunities for our customers to come together and share unique experiences, both at home in Southern Missouri and away through fun trips and excursions.


The Landmark Club members can receive discounted trips and unique experiences, including cruises abroad, wine tasting excursions, and opportunities to see the country.


The Landmark Club also hosts tons of events locally, including a number of one-day bus trips to theaters, museums, and restaurants, as well as regular volunteer opportunities to giving back to our communities in Southern Missouri. 


 How to Join the Landmark Club in Southern Missouri

These experiences aren’t as exclusive as you think. The only requirement to become a member in the Landmark Club is that you maintain a $5,000 balance in any combination of deposit or loan accounts with us. It’s one way Landmark Bank works to improve the bank and customer relationship, and make community banking more about community than banking.


Contact us today to learn more about the Landmark Club, and join today. Be sure to check out the Landmark Club News link to learn all about the events we have lined up over the next several months!

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