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What makes a Checking Account better? A checking account can’t be more than just a checking account, can it? It’s a place to store the money you need now to handle everyday purchases.

On the surface, all checking accounts are created equally. But at Landmark Bank, we think differently about checking accounts.

That’s because we know that not all checking accounts are created equally. At least not at Landmark Bank.  

Landmark Bank offers better checking accounts with the features you would to expect from a big bank, coupled with the friendly, honest, hometown service you expect from a community leader, trusted for more than 100 years.

Checking accounts at Landmark Bank include convenient, value-packed add-ons like a free debit card1, online bill pay and more.

All checking accounts at Landmark Bank have the added convenience of being an online checking account, as you can enroll your checking account into Landmark’s online banking platform to take advantage of many additional services.

An online checking account with Landmark Bank allows you to:

  • Track checking account balances
  • View itemized transactions
  •  Review up to 15 months of transactions
  • View and print check images
  • View and print deposit slip images
  • Set up account activity alerts
  • Pay bills online
  • And more

Landmark Bank features a full line of checking accounts to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a basic, free checking account, something that earns you interest as your balance grows or an account that can help rebuild your credit, Landmark Bank has a better checking account for you.


Landmark Bank offers the following Checking Account options:

Better Free Checking

Our Better Free Checking online Checking Account never charges you a monthly service fee and comes with a free Visa® Debit Card1. We’ll even throw in Bill Pay and a state of the art Mobile Banking App!

Better Interest Checking

Earn money on all balances, enjoy the flexibility of a Visa® Debit Card, and free checks! A small monthly service fee applies for all daily balances below $1,000. Apply now.

Better Investment Checking

This checking account earns you a little more than our Better Interest Checking account, featuring a balance-tiered interest structure. Apply now.

Community Hero Checking

Are you a teacher, firefighter, police officer, current military member or veteran? If so, Community Hero Checking is our way of saying “Thank you.” This free Checking Account earns interest on all balances, and comes with free checks and a Visa® Debit Card! Apply now.

Rebound Checking

Landmark Bank understands that nobody is perfect. That’s why we offer Rebound Checking to get those who have had trouble with their checking account balances in the past get back on their feet. Learn more today!

All Landmark Bank online checking accounts come with a free Visa® Debit Card1, bill pay, internet banking, discounts on safe deposit boxes, and access to our Nationwide ATM Network.

At Landmark Bank, we wouldn’t call our checking accounts better if we didn’t truly believe it.


Find the online checking account that is right for you by viewing our comparison chart. Then, sign up for a better checking account at Landmark Bank.

1 ATM, Over Draft, and Return Item Fees may apply

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