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Saving money on your auto loan is easy with convenient auto loan refinancing options from Landmark Bank.


Over time, auto loan rates change – and rates vary from dealership to dealership and bank to bank.

If you suspect you could get a better rate on your auto loan, it may be worth looking into the auto refinance options available to you from your friends at Landmark Bank. 


Is Car Loan Refinance Worth It?

When many hear the word refinance, the first thought that comes to mind is the process of refinancing a home – which can be a lengthy process that involving appraisals, escrow accounts and other hurdles. Thankfully, auto refinance is a much simpler process because no appraisal is required and the entire process can be completed in less than a week from submitting an application.

One of the most important factors in considering auto refinance is your credit score. If your credit score has improved significantly since you obtained your auto loan, there is a very good chance that auto loan refinancing can save you money over the remainder of your loan term.

By the same token, changing interest rates over time can result in a lower auto loan rate becoming available to you.


Benefits of Auto Refinance with Landmark Bank

If a lower auto loan rate is available to you as a result of refinancing, the benefits can be seen immediately – in the form of lower auto loan payments or an earlier maturity date on your loan if you are comfortable making the same payments as you were before auto loan refinancing.

When you complete the car loan refinance process with Landmark Bank, you are working with a local lender who has your best interest in mind. Working with a local lender for auto loan refinancing has several benefits including: 

  • Personalized attention and faster response times
  • Faster underwriting
  • A great low rate

Trust Landmark Bank for Auto Loan Refinancing

We are here for you offering fast, friendly car loan refinance both online and at your local branch. Ready to get the process started? Fill out a secure application online & apply today!

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