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Personal Insurance Application Center

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There are many different types of personal insurance products offered by Landmark Bank, each containing their own insurance benefits. Find an insurance application below that fits your financial situation and get started towards enjoying personal insurance benefits through Landmark Bank today.

Each insurance application is linked with an explanation of the type of situation ideal to dictate the need for each particular type of personal insurance.

Find a Personal Insurance Application

Do you want to:

1. Protect income due to premature Death or Disability?

2. Provide a tax free legacy for loved ones?

3. Provide a supplement to, a bridge for, or your entire retirement income? (under the right conditions a Tax Free Retirement)

4. Find an alternative means of funding education without imposed government restrictions of a 529, and an additional benefit of being self completing?

5. Enhance charitable giving providing Tax benefits now to the giver or later to the estate?

6. Protect your estate against taxes and provide immediate liquidity to heirs?

7. Guarantee Tax deferred compound growth as an intermediate and long term alternative to a taxable CD, and other guaranteed contracts, with tax free access and the leveraged death benefit?

8. Provide income to pay for Long Term Care, in home care, assisted living, or institutional care when the need arises?

9. Provide instant source of Tax Free Funds direct to you. In the event of a critical or terminal illness (in addition to your health coverage without co-ordination of benefits) to use at your discretion for any reason?

10. Provide tax deferred growth for both qualified and non-qualified money in addition to very attractive income and death benefit options using annuities?

11. Provide a legal buffer for funds against creditors or plaintiffs?

12. Plan for special needs of children, and children of single parents?

Learn More About Personal Insurance Through Landmark Bank

To learn more about each personal insurance option offered by Landmark Bank, call or visit a local branch today. Our insurance team is ready to assist you in answering any questions you may have in regards to coverage, insurance benefits, or the insurance application process. Looking for a business insurance application? See our business section.


Insurance products and services are not FDIC insured, not insured by any federal government agency, not a deposit or bank obligation, not financial institution guaranteed, subject to risk, including potential principal loss.
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