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Will and Estate Settlement Planning

Estate Planning
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A living will is one of the most common planning tools used when planning to leave an estate behind to your beneficiaries.

Your last will & testament is an important tool because it ultimately tells, specifically who you want to receive what after your life ends. A living will is a binding agreement that should be set up now to act as a last will & testament, naming an executor to manage your estate and distribute your property according to your wishes upon death.

Drawing up a last will & testament is something anyone can do, with or without legal assistance, as long as they are over the age of majority. Just about anyone can work through drawing up a will, but there are so many legal requirements and scenarios that go into a living will.

Partnering with an experienced estate planning professional such as those at Landmark Bank will ensure no stone is left unturned and your last will & testament truly reflects your best wishes and benefits your loved ones in a positive manner moving forward after life.

There are several important items to address when drawing up a will that Landmark Bank can help you work through, giving you peace of mind so you can get on with living your life for today:

  • Determining the executor of your last will & testament
  • Ensuring no assets are left behind in your last will & testament
  • Ensuring all state-specific legal requirements are met and your last will & testament stands as a true legal document

Estate Settlement Services

Landmark Bank gives our customers the opportunity to actually name Landmark Bank as the executor of their last will & testament in order to take advantage of our estate settlement services.

Setting up your estate and executing your last will & testament is a complex and often times time consuming matter. No matter how good an executors intentions are, errors and delays in execution can result in litigation, increased costs, tax penalties and other unnecessary expenses that can easily be avoided by utilizing estate settlement services.

Naming Landmark Bank as the executor of your estate allows for accurate, timely distribution of assets by an experienced team of estate planning professionals.

It is important to utilize an experienced team of investment professionals fully versed in the legal requirements of preparing a document as important as a last will & testament. Ultimately, your living will is the most important document in helping those you leave behind, and ensuring a court doesn’t control your assets after you die.

Live Secure & Draft Your Living Will Now

Life is too short to worry about death. Drawing up a will, naming a trusted executor, whether that be a family member, friend or Landmark Bank isn’t exactly high on the to-do-list. Landmark Bank understands this. It’s why we make this confusing, worrisome process easy, sitting down with our customers individually, with or without their lawyers present to work through the best possible options when it comes to your living will.

Landmark Bank has a comprehensive suite of estate planning services including living will services and estate settlement services, all of which can be taken advantage of regardless of who your executors are. Always remember to consult legal counsel when creating your will and estate settlements. Learn more about Landmark Bank’s other estate planning services today.


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