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Special Needs Financial Planning

Estate Planning
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Your children mean the world to you. Anyone with children knows how big of a financial responsibility caring for a child is. For parents of special needs children, every penny is so much more important, because special needs children need special care.

Special needs financial planning is serious business for the investment professionals at Landmark Bank. Our team treats our customers like a second family.

It is our goal to provide special needs planning services that can set the stage for a lifetime of success, making your situation and the situation of your special needs children less worrisome.

The courts have created unique ways for special needs children to benefit from the generosity of their loved ones and other resources, while continuing to maintain the health or disability benefits that they need to survive.

Special Needs financial planning is a stressful, challenging and rewarding space for our customers.

At Landmark Bank, our goal is to provide special needs financial planning that covers all aspects of life for special needs children. Landmark Bank’s investment professionals will help our customers work through:

  • Government benefit eligibility programs like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • The types of Special needs trusts and how you can use them
  • Life insurance options to guarantee an ongoing quality of life for your special needs children

Special Needs Planning Advice

There is a lot that goes into special needs planning. Our investment team is here to help families with special needs work through the numerous challenges life presents such as:

Planning For Expenses of Special Needs Children

Medical, educational and housing needs, particularly once a child reaches an age typically defined by independence are areas our special needs planning professionals have experience in.

Landmark Bank will help define a financial strategy based on your projections for the future of your special needs children. Will they be going to college? Will they continue living with you past 18 or will they eventually have their own space? Landmark Bank realizes special needs planning needs are different for each and every customer.

Review Beneficiary Information

In order to receive federal aid, special needs children who are dependents cannot have any assets in their name worth more than $2,000. If any relatives have planned to pass on inheritance or other benefits from their estate to your special needs children, these items need to be left in a special needs trust to avoid losing out on government benefits.

Open a Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust can be the most important financial planning tool for your special needs children. Investing in a special needs trust gives you a place to put all the funds others may give your special needs children as gifts or funds you receive from an insurance settlement. Most importantly, trust funds do not interfere with your child’s eligibility for federal benefits like Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income. Even if you do not have the funds to build a trust immediately, it is important to get started now.

Importance of Estate Planning

Planning your own estate is even more important when you have special needs children. A will allows you to select a guardian for your special needs children in the event you were to pass away. It is important in your own will to designate a trusted individual to take over as guardian in this situation, and it is also important to not pass assets directly on to your special needs children to avoid loss of government benefits.

Start Special Needs Planning with Landmark Bank

Once you have determined the current and future financial needs of your special needs children, partner with a support team specializing in special needs financial planning at Landmark Bank. Our professionals will work with you, your attorney and other advisors to ensure your special needs child is protected and that their accounts are handled properly to ensure continued protection down the road. Landmark Bank recommends that you consult with your legal counsel and tax advisors as you begin the special needs planning process.

Landmark Bank is here for you with special needs financial planning services. Contact our team today to learn more.


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