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Leave a Legacy through Proper Investment Planning

Estate Planning
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The way we are remembered is our legacy. What is your life legacy?

Through proper investment planning, Landmark Bank can help you leave a legacy beyond your personality, impressionability and history.

Landmark Bank has investment planning solutions to help leave a life legacy, distributing your financial assets to loved ones just as you envision.

We understand legacy planning involves managing more than your financial assets, which include:

  • Your home
  • Investment accounts
  • Personal property

Landmark Bank can help you leave a lasting life legacy, through several estate planning and investment tools and solutions.

How Will You Leave a Legacy?

The financial advisors at Landmark Bank will work with you, your attorneys and other financial/tax advisors to ensure you leave a lasting impression on those you love and the causes you believe in. Maintaining your life legacy long after you are gone is a top priority for Landmark Bank, and we work with you to determine the investment planning that goes into your life legacy. This can include:

  • Setting up trusts
  • Tax-deductible donations to charity
  • Development of your will
  • Gift planning
  • And more

Your legacy is important to you and your family. Leave a legacy with investment planning from Landmark Bank. Our experienced, friendly, knowledgeable advisors are on staff at each location to assist with outlining your life legacy and planning for the future to benefit your family years down the road. Contact us today to assist in planning to make the most of your lasting life legacy.


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