Plutoniumâ„  Features & Benefits

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

Cardholders are covered for damage due to collision or theft when they use their Plutonium Credit Card to pay for an auto rental. Secure and change your rental to your covered card and decline the collision damage waiver (or loss damage waiver) offered by the rental agency. Certain restrictions apply.

Roadside Dispatch

Roadside Dispatch

24-hour, toll-free referral dispatch for emergency roadside assistance. Get connected to the Roadside Dispatch service for help with towing, tire changes, fuel delivery and more. Certain restrictions apply.

Why Plutonium?

Let's face it — credit card names have gotten silly. It started with silver and gold, then moved to platinum and any other element that sounded high falutin or exclusive. They are anything but exclusive though, with one exception. No one has had a credit card with no annual fee like the Plutonium card — until now.

Powerful Rewards

Earnings Rate

Earn 0.75% Back on Purchases

EMV Chip Technology

Increased Purchase Security

Earn Bonus Points

Awesome Bonus Point Offers

Flexible Rewards

Variety of Redemption Options

Redemption Options

Redemption Options

Gift Cards


Cash Back

Plutonium FAQs

Are Our Plutonium Cards Really Safe?

Yes! Our Plutonium cards contain no actual plutonium and the ones we have tested are not at all radioactive. The cards are, however, infused with the essence of plutonium, and are bursting with power from one end to the other.

Should you handle our Plutonium card differently than other cards?

Absolutely! It's best to keep it active, moving it in and out of your wallet at regular intervals. Your Plutonium card will rack up rewards at a breakneck pace.

Should you store it in a lead box?

You can, but the best place for it is in your wallet.

Don't miss the chance to put Plutonium in your Wallet. Apply today for Landmark Bank's Plutonium credit card!