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Payroll Cards
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Payroll Cards

Payroll Cards offer a new way for your company to pay your employees with the security of direct deposit, even for employees who do not have personal checking accounts.

Utilizing the Payroll Card, employers will have a completely check free pay system providing employees a safe, convenient, and cost-effective alternative for receiving checks. Employees have several convenient methods to access their funds including making withdrawals at ATM's nationwide, receiving cash back from a merchant that accepts PIN-based debit transactions, and remitting funds to Mexico and most Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Employer Benefits of Payroll Card:

  • Reduced expenses associated with payroll check processing
  • Low cost, value-added benefit to employees
  • Reduced fraud 
  • Increased productivity

Employee Benefits of Payroll Card: 

  • Reloadable 
  • Safer than carrying cash 
  • Money is FDIC-insured up to applicable limits
  • Eliminates hassles and fees when cashing checks 
  • Low cost method of sending money to Mexico and most Latin American and Caribbean countries 
  • Cash back available at point of sale 
  • Accepted at all Visa® locations 
  • Cardholder support in Spanish and English
  • Save time by using one website to pay multiple bills

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