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Business Internet Banking Upgrade on June 20

EFFECTIVE: Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your Action Steps to Complete
FAQs: Business Premium Upgrade
Video: Intro to Business Premium
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On Thursday, June 20, Landmark Bank’s online banking service for businesses, Business Cash Manager - Internet CFO™ was enhanced with new customer benefits and took on a new name: Business Premium Internet Banking.


  • Who Was Impacted: Only businesses that used Internet Banking with the 'Cash Manager' (button) functionality were upgraded at this time
  • When: The upgrade took place early morning on Thursday, June 20
  • Where Do I Log into Business Premium: Users still login on our website, but we upgraded from one to three Internet Banking login fields. If you had the 'Cash Manager' button inside Internet Banking before, you will now log into the new Business Premium option as shown below. 
  • Browser Cookie: The  single computer security token (aka Cookie) will be applied at the point of login to Business Premium, not when you click on a button after log in like the previous version of Internet Banking. So log into Business Premium the first time from the location you will complete your online banking sessions so the cookie is placed at the correct browser. This will be particular important for our IronKey Trusted Access users.
  • Email Address: The first time you log into Business Premium, you will be presented with a series of screens to review and validate. Please ensure your email address on record is up-to-date. Business Premium sends automatic email Alerts to notify you when your password has changed, a failed log in attempt has occurred, or someone has changed your profile settings. These are good security features you will not want to miss. Some users even used their mobile carrier-issued email address (e.g. to receive Alerts as SMS text messages. If you are interested, contact your mobile carrier for more information.

Business Premium Quick Guide
Administration Guide for Supervisors
Protect Your Business

Why Business Premium?
Because Business Premium is sporting a new look with convenient navigation and offering more control with a premium set of business administration tools at your fingertips:

  • More account detail information than ever before
  • Quick views for basic account look up
  • Faster access to transfer funds
  • Click and move sorting of Accounts and Account Groupings
  • Self-select your preferred Landing Page to be displayed at Login
  • Extensive account transaction filtering to enable custom research options
  • Enhanced Alerts to keep you informed about activity within your Internet Banking account 
  • Granular controls to assign account access and Business App feature entitlements by individual, including the Company Administration “Supervisor
  • Plus additional premium-level security features to be rolled out in the future

With any change, there are always questions. To help you through this transition, we have created this resource page to provide some of the answers.

Steps to Prepare for the Upgrade
  1. Preview what Business Premium is all about by driving yourself thru a Demo or let us do the driving by watching our introductory Video tour
  2. Prepare for the Action Steps you will need to take immediately after the upgrade to ensure a smooth transition to Business Premium
  3. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for additional details you may not have thought about
  4. Refer to the Quick Guide for screen shots of some cool new features found within Business Premium
  5. Company Administration Supervisors will need to review steps to Manage Users and establish security controls in the Administration Guide
  6. Then after the upgrade (anytime after June 25), update your Web Connect settings so exporting continues to function correctly after the upgrade

If you still have questions, please give us a call at (800) 618-5503.

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