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Business Premium Internet Banking

Available for: Businesses needing Enhanced Functionality
(i.e. Premium Reporting, Multiple Users, ACH Origination, Wire Transfers, etc.)
Service Fees May Apply

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When you need more than the basics for your business, we offer enhanced functionality thorough our award winning Business Premium Internet Banking which includes many of the basic features listed within Internet Banking as well as: 

  • Administrative Controls - Ability to manage each of the following:
    • Multiple Users – Managed by a Primary User or multiple administrators which are designated by the company, multiple users can be established per company with the proper functionality and access enabled for each user: 
      • Add, copy, edit, disable, and delete users
      • Reset user passwords
      • Assign roles and service entitlements to additional users and Company Administrators, based on their job function
      • Monitor user activity with Alerts and audit reports
    • Account Entitlements – define which company-enabled transaction features (e.g. ACH Payment/Collection) are allowed per account
    • Dual Authorization - enable dual authorization limit controls to require a separate originator and authorizing user (e.g. Transfers, Bill Payments, ACH, and Wire Transfers).
    • Templates – create and manage templates for scheduled ACH and Wire transactions

  • Premium Alerts – many system alerts are available to help users stay connected to account activity:
    • Account Alerts
      • Monitor account balances
      • Monitor when transactions exceed specific dollar amounts
    • Non-account Alerts
      • Notification when an ACH or Wire recipient is added
      • Notification when transactions are pending authorization
      • Notification of ACH transaction failures
    • Custom Alerts
      • Reminder notifications (e.g. “Payroll due” alerts on the 1st and 15th)

  • Advanced Treasury Management Services – Bank approval is required for the following features:
    • ACH Payments
    • ACH Collections
    • Federal and State Tax Payments
    • Child Support Payments
    • Remote Deposit Services
    • Positive Pay Services
    • Mobile Banking

More enhanced functions coming soon!

Fraud Prevention: We strongly advise you to consider establishing best practices in order to guard your information and finances as securely as possible.  Click here for more information.
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