Bask in the scenery with a motorcycle

With the air starting to dip into somewhat cooler temperatures, you can finally enjoy the outdoor weather without worrying about the heat and humidity. The next few months should be pleasant enough to make you even forget that winter is coming.

But the weather isn't the only pleasurable aspect of the fall season. Trees will soon be changing colors to bright oranges, yellows and browns. On the open road, the colorful foliage is truly a sight to behold. Throw in the crisp air, and driving in the fall can make you feel like you're in a movie.

Yet, you might be limiting yourself if you're enjoy the scenery behind the wheel of a car. The roof and windshield could obstruct your view of colorful sights.

To help you get the most out of your fall adventures, you might be interested in purchasing a motorcycle. These bikes aren't for everyone, after all, you need a special license in order to legally ride one. However, once you fully grasp the finer details of riding a bike, you'll be able to enjoy those highway journeys even more.

There are a few important steps along the way toward realizing this goal, including the actual purchase of a bike. While bikes may not be as expensive as an automobile, you may still want to consider taking out a loan to finance the purchase.


Enjoy the open road with a brand new motorcycle.

First steps

Before you head to your nearest Landmark Bank for a loan to buy the bike of your dreams, you'll need to get your motorcycle license.

The legal requirements for riding a motorcycle will vary by state, so you'll want to check with your Department of Motor Vehicles for the specifics. Additionally, you may need only one of the following:

  • License
  • Permit
  • Endorsement on a regular driver's license

Additionally, you'll likely have to take a few tests. For example, the state of Missouri requires a class M instruction period, a class M endorsement or a class M license. You may have to pay a small fee in order to obtain one of the three requirements, but check with your local DMV office to make sure.

The bike

The moment is here. Once you have your legal requirements and have been riding on potentially an older bike, it's time to buy a brand new motorcycle.

Your options vary greatly. You can choose from classic bike options, such as a Harley-Davidson cruiser model or similar from a different manufacturer. Or, you may find it more appealing to purchase a sports bike because you emphasize speed, acceleration and tire grip.

Touring and dual sport bikes are also options you may be interested in. Since a motorcycle is a sizeable investment, ensure you carefully think over your options and pick a bike you will truly enjoy riding on the open road.

The loan

According to Motor Cyclist, bikes can range in price from $9,999 to $24,999.

"You'll want to try to put down a sizeable down payment."

As if you were buying a car, you'll want to try to put down a sizeable down payment in conjunction with taking out a loan. Likewise, you have to look over your budget to account for the loan. Try not to stretch yourself too thin with your monthly income.

When you're looking for a loan, also keep in mind that interest rates may be somewhat higher than those for regular auto loans. This is because motorcycles are considered specialty vehicles, according Ready For Zero.

Now you have to look for a lender. Consider meeting with representatives from your local Landmark Bank branch.

Finally, you can start riding the bike you've had your eyes on. But don't forget to purchase motorcycle insurance and protective riding equipment as the final steps in the purchasing process.

For more information about smart ways to manage your finances, contact Landmark Bank.

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