Reward Yourself

Woman handing credit card to another woman holding a credit card processing machine

Cash is no longer king for consumers. Credit cards make it easy to pay bills, make purchases, shop online and track spending, all while building your credit score. And for responsible users, there are the added perks of rewards programs. Americans prefer plastic 2 to 1 over cash, according to a 2018 study by credit card processor TSYS. The most attractive feature drawing consumers to credit cards? Rewards programs, preferred by 68%.

Rewards programs pay you to use your credit card in a variety of ways — from airline miles to travel and entertainment discounts, gift cards to merchandise, or even cash in your pocket.

Let’s explore how you can use your credit card for a more rewarding experience.

Cash back. Who doesn’t want to get paid for shopping? “Cash back” is just that — the credit card company pays you back a certain percentage for every purchase you make. The average payback is 1.5%, which means for every $100 you spend you earn $1.50 in cash back. Some cards offer bonus paybacks on purchases in certain categories — restaurants, service stations, online stores, either year-round or during special bonus periods that rotate throughout the year. The rewards accumulate until you decide to redeem them, and redemption methods vary. You can either pocket the cash, via check or direct deposit, or apply it to your credit card bill. This option can come in handy at holiday time.

Travel. Join the jet set! Collect air miles for that dream vacation or use rewards points to purchase airfare. Book cruises, entertainment, tour packages, hotel rooms and other travel services with rewards points.

Gift cards. Use credit card rewards to buy gift cards for everyone on your list. Or just be good to yourself with a gift card to your own favorite store. You earned it!

Merchandise. Use reward points to buy high-end gifts at steep discounts. Treat yourself to luxury gifts at bargain prices.
The more you use your rewards card, the more rewards you collect. But remember that rewards aren’t cost-effective if you let your credit card debt get out of control. Stay within your budget and pay off your balance on time each month to avoid additional interest charges. Shop around to find the card with the rewards program that best suits your buying habits to make the program work for you.
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