5 incentives for starting a business

Have you ever considered starting a business but were unsure whether the benefits outweighed the costs?

Becoming a business owner and successfully turning a profit is no simple task, but there are some big payoffs once you get through the rough spots. Plus, we have a number of business banking options to help get your idea off the ground, including business loans, deposit accounts and team members.

Here are five benefits of starting a business:

  1. You're in control. As the business owner, you get to make all the decisions and determine how the business will grow. You make all the rules, and the only person who can fire you is yourself. If you don't want to come into work until 11 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. or only want to work four days each week, that's your choice too.
  2. You get to follow your dreams. For some, starting a business isn't only about making a profit. Often, entrepreneurs are making a business out of doing something they love. If you're among this group, why not turn a hobby or interest into a stream of revenue?
  3. There's an opportunity to help the community. Small businesses are the lifeblood of many smaller cities and towns, especially mom-and-pop shops that have been around for decades. Residents stand behind local businesses and appreciate deals and charm that can't usually be found at big box stores. Part of this results from your ability to create jobs in the community. If you open a local toy shop, for example, you can employ a few teens from the area to give them job experience.
  4. There are tax benefits. While money isn't the only factor driving some to entrepreneurship, it doesn't hurt to recoup some of your investment. One way you can get some of your money back is through tax incentives for entrepreneurs. There are write-offs available for many expenses related to your business, including travel, food and office supplies such as laptops.
  5. You get to build something from the ground up. Of course, one of the biggest perks of starting a business is the feeling of personal fulfillment. Whether your establishment lasts for years or you take an offer to sell your idea to a larger corporation, you'll be able to say that you saw your ideas come to life.

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