Music is known to affect productivity

Whether you're a sole proprietor running a business out of your home or at the helm of a small franchise, improving productivity is key to growing your business.

This can be your employees' or your own productivity, and there are ways to make everyone on the payroll feel more energized throughout the day. In the era of mp3 players and music apps on smartphones, many workers enjoy hearing music while they complete their tasks. Researchers have examined whether listening to songs throughout the day is more of a benefit or a distraction, and reports have returned positive results.

According to Entrepreneur, repetitive tasks are particularly more bearable when they are accompanied by music. This means that your accountant can feel less bored while reviewing the company checking account and balance sheet figures if there are some tunes in the background. The studies cited by the source showed that it may not be the music itself but the effect it has on an individual's mood. Specifically, workers begin to feel happier, thereby increasing their efficiency.

Music can be a good or a bad distraction
One of the key concerns among employers is that music can divide a worker's attention from the task at hand. This can be true when the music has lyrics. If, for instance, you have an employee creating a press release and he or she is listening to show tunes, there's a chance some of those lyrics will get mixed up with the release text while the worker is typing. For this reason, in some cases, it may be better to go with instrumental music, such as jazz or classical genres.

Additionally, music can be a detriment to learning new tasks. As such, it may not be a good idea to play songs during training sessions.

On the other hand, music can be a way for workers to focus on their tasks and ignore the distractions of a noisy work environment. With many background conversations, it can be difficult for employees to keep their attention on their duties. This is another instance where music's effect on mood is shown to be the cause of increased productivity.

Regardless what you or your employees listen to, research has shown that all types of music can have positive results, even video game songs, heavy metal tracks and electronic dance music.

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