Cash in on your commute: Save money while you're on the go

Cars stuck in commute

For some, sitting in traffic is akin to one of Dante's nine circles of hell. In addition to the frustrations of creeping on the expressway while heading to work, you may also be losing a lot of the money in your checking account for transportation costs.

The same can be true even if you're taking public transportation. After hopping on a bus or train to get to your job five days a week, you may notice your funds are disappearing.

If you want to spend less on your commute, give a few of these tips a try:

  • Bike to work: This is a classic tip that is beneficial if you live only a few miles from your job. Give yourself some extra time and hop on your bike each workday. Depending on the distance, you may need to change into your work clothes before you clock in, but you can save on gas and improve your health while you're at it. Plus, the more you exercise, the healthier you can be down the road, which can lower your doctor bills over time.
  • Carpool: This tip is another oldie but goodie, and there are new ways commuters are taking advantage of carpooling. Rather than taking turns having coworkers cart everyone to work, some commuters are splitting the cost of using a ride-sharing service. Not only can you save on gas and maintenance for your vehicle, you get to sit back and relax on the way to work.
  • Work from home: Given today's technology, many employers are allowing workers to work at home. Instead of spending money on gas or transit tickets five days a week, why not cut that expense back for only three days a week? You can get your work done from your couch and lounge in your pajamas while you power through your to-do list. Plus, you can sleep longer each morning, and you're already home when it's time to clock out.
  • Change your route: If you find your route to work is time consuming - particularly in regard to getting stuck in traffic - you may need to map out a new path to your job. While you inch up in traffic congestion, you're burning more gas. Find alternative routes that can get you to work faster with fewer stops.

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