Benefits of equipment financing

Whether you're involved in construction or another industry that uses specialized equipment, you know that purchasing what you need can be expensive.

The good news is that you don't have to expend all of your private capital to get the equipment you need, as we offer equipment financing as part of our business banking options. Many businesses, whether startups or long-standing organizations, leverage capital for the assets that they need. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • You can get the latest technology. When building private capital for a future equipment purchase, it can take years before your company's revenues can afford a purchase, especially if you need a high quantity. By the time you can afford the machines you need, new models could be available, making your business less competitive with older equipment. With financing, you can get the latest equipment now and maintain your market share.
  • Capital is preserved. When you finance your assets, you further mitigate risk. Using cash to invest in equipment means estimating whether your expenditure will yield a return, whereas financing eliminates some of the guesswork and leaves capital available for other operational expenses.
  • Your financing can fit your business' needs. At Landmark, we strive to let you bank on your terms. As such, we can offer a customized loan that works with your company's cash flow, accounting and tax needs.
  • Expense planning is easy. Many businesses are prone to experience seasonal slumps as well as times of the year when the profits are rolling in. As such, unexpected expenses and periods of slow cash flow are possible. With our business banking solutions, you can have fixed payments to help you better budget around your monthly payments.

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