Beefing up your business' social media profiles

When you're not busy posting selfies to your personal Facebook and Twitter, you need to expand the social media presence of your business.

Unlike a personal profile, where you're showing off your vacation photos, posting pictures of your latest meal at a fancy restaurant or sharing links to funny cat pictures, your business' social media profiles require strategic posting.

Here are four tips for upgrading your Facebook, Pinterest and other pages:

1. Don't forget the basics
Privacy is an important part of personal social media profiles, and many users prefer to leave some details of their life hidden. Some avoid publishing information such as where they're from, where they went to school and where they work. Your business, on the other hand, needs to be transparent in its "about us" section.

When setting up or updating your profile, don't ignore any space the site gives you to provide details about your business. List the address, website, hours and any other pertinent information.

2. Hold conversations
If you ask a friend a question via his or her Facebook profile, you'd expect an answer, right? The same is true of customers who post on your business' social media pages. Once your regulars and new clientele find out you have these profiles, they will use them as an avenue for their inquiries. Answer these questions in a timely manner to demonstrate how responsive you are.

Also, respond to positive reviews and other praise. However, do not entertain users who are attempting to bait you into an argument. In these cases, resolve issues with customers directly by taking the conversation offline. 

3. Stick to your guns 
While videos of dancing babies are fun to post on your personal profiles, they're not as appropriate if you're running a real estate brokerage. When posting content, tailor your approach to links, photos, videos and status updates that reflect your brand.

4. Don't spread yourself too thin
At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of social media branding is to reach current and new customers, increase sales and put more money in your business' checking account. Given the differences between the various social media platforms, this can be difficult to achieve if your business has eight profiles and only one person to manage them.

Select which sites to use based on your available manpower and customer base. If you sell custom furniture, for example, Pinterest may be more worth your time than Twitter because the former is a site tailored to visual content.

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