Simplify your finances with mobile bill pay

Are you constantly on the go, leaving little time to sit down and pay your bills? If so, consider our Internet Banking and Mobile Banking solutions that include a free bill payment feature.

We are committed to increasing your banking convenience, whether that be viewing your checking account on the Web via online banking or getting in touch with one of our bankers outside of business hours via our innovative Video Tellers. Bill pay is another way to make your life easier, and here are some benefits:

Pay your bills with less hassle
When paying your bills through the mail, there are many steps to the process. You have to dig through all your mail, locate the bill that's due and then find a stamp and envelope. Also, you have to fill out the check and return slip.

With bill pay, you can submit a payment in a few seconds. From the mobile application, for example, you have only to select an existing biller, account from which the payment will be made, the amount and delivery date. Hit submit, and your payment is scheduled to go.

You can also schedule payments up to one year in advance. This can be beneficial if you're making regular payments after receiving one of our mortgages, auto loans or financing for any other purchase with stable payments.

If you ever need to make a speedy payment to avoid a late charge, our bill pay feature allows you to send overnight checks to any biller within the 48 contiguous states for a fee.

Save money and the environment
After purchasing stamps, envelopes and checks for years, you stand to spend a lot of money over time. Bill pay allows you to reduce those expenses, save more and do your part to help the environment. By eliminating your need for envelopes, you help reduce the number of trees cut down to create paper products. Want to do more? Enroll in eStatements for your deposit account statements for an entirely paperless experience.

Make fast payments to family and friends
Bill pay isn't always about debts and expenses. Sometimes you're giving a few bucks to a niece for a babysitting payment or gifting birthday cash to a grandchild. In these cases, you can take advantage of Popmoney, an industry-leading person-to-person payment service that is available through our online Bill Payments. With this feature, you can send payments to and receive payments from friends and family in as little as one day.

Popmoney has several perks. First, there's no need to call up your payee and get account information. The only details you need are a mobile phone number or email address. Additionally, you can add multiple addresses for a single contact. Future-dated payments are permitted, and eGreetings can be attached to each payment for a personal touch. All this is available for as little as $1 per transaction.

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