Keeping it simple with refinancing

"We got a great rate refinancing our home," said Kristen Herren.

"As a busy mom of four, it's hard finding time to handle all the details that come with refinancing. Landmark made the process so simple, and we got a great rate that lowered our monthly mortgage payments. I also like how easy it was to set up an account and track my payments online. Isn't it time you became a Landmark?"   

At the Herren home, you could find calm or chaos at any given moment. But that's life with four energetic kids.

"The more you have, the more fun life gets," Kristen Herren says. "We, as parents, just learn to roll with it."

Kristen certainly has the experience to handle her crew, ages 12, 4, 3 and 1.Sheworked as a teacher for six years before choosing to be a stay-at-home mom, or "domestic executive" as she calls it.And though her days now aren't the same as when she was working outside the home, they're certainly more entertaining.

"It's laundry,home schooling, playdates, laundry, endless games of hide-and-go-seek, sporting events — and more laundry," she says. "It's a full and busy life for sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way."


The Herren family.

Kristen and her husband, Matthew, lived in Springfield, Missouri, for 11 years before moving to Sedalia, where Matthew now works as a guidance counselor.They've lived there for two and a half years, in the second home they've purchased together. But it was when Matthew decided to go back to school for his doctorate in administration that they started to consider refinancing.

"The time was just right," Kristen says. "We could either take out student loans to pay for school, or we could refinance and put that savings toward school."

After hearing about Landmark Bank through her sister, Kristen called Damon Volkart at the new Jefferson City location. The bank was running a special— zero closing costs — and that,coupled with the new interest rate,added up to significant savings on the Herrens' monthly mortgage payment.

The savings came at just the right time, but it was the overall process that Kristen raves about the most. 

"They just made it so easy," she says. "As a busy mom of four, I have a hard enough time talking on the phone uninterrupted, let alone sending long emails or stopping by the bank. Damon would always text me back when I texted him questions and was really great about communicating in a way that made it easiest for me."

Now that the refinancing is done, it's back to normal for the Herrens.

"My son's playing basketball this year, which he loves, and my daughter's in gymnastics," Kristen says. "We're staying busy and just living the dream."

"You know, it's a lot of laughs and patience—and a lot of laundry," she adds with a laugh. 

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