Financial tips for new college students: Part II

As a new college student, tracking your finances can be put on the back burner for homework, studying or hanging out with friends. However, there are some financial tips that could help you during your college years. 

To continue from our previous story, here are additional financial tips to consider if you're a new or upcoming college student:

Stay away from unnecessary debt
As a college student, the most important thing you need to focus on is your studies and earning that degree. However, a lot of younger adults get involved with unnecessary consumer debt. Taking out this type of debt at an earlier age while your funds are limited is a quick way to get into severe debt that will affect your overall credit. This kind of debt includes furniture loans, car loans and in-store credit cards. When you take out these loans and cards, you need to pay the bills on time and regularly, which might not be achievable at your current financial state. It's always better to make sacrifices when you're younger than paying for debt consequences when you're older.

Create better daily spending habits
You've probably heard the phrase "If you cut your weekly coffee spending, you could save money," and these types of spending habits are good ones to take on. Since you're younger and taking on new financial responsibilities, it's always best practice to form good spending habits.

If you don't create better daily spending habits, you let your decision-making become lazy or halfhearted. If you don't have a big enough reason to buy an item, it's likely a poor financial decision to spend that money. These kind of bad habits lead to poor financial decisions that have you spending all of your budgeted money well before your income comes in.

Use Internet banking technology
You might find yourself in a much better situation if you use Internet banking to manage your finances. With Internet banking, you can look at your checking account while on the go and pay better attention to your funds while you're not at home and in front of a computer.

By using your smartphone to receive account balance updates and payment reminders for any credit cards, you'll be on top of your finances. If you still have any questions on how to best financially plan your time at college, come in and talk to one of our expert bankers.

For more information about smart ways to manage your finances, contact Landmark Bank.

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