Fall activities for the whole family

Slowly but surely you've noticed the days shortening, somewhat colder temperatures and the return of football at all levels.

Summer doesn't technically end until Sept. 21, but this doesn't mean you can't start planning for some fun, affordable family outings. Everyone season provides unique opportunities to enjoy spending time with everyone, and the fall months are no different.


Realistically, camping is a year-round activity. But for some individuals, fall camping can actually be the more preferred choice.

Reason No.1: the weather. Let's face it, the summer heat can be miserable at times. Hot weather is nice, but when mother nature mixes in high humidity levels, camping can quickly become a less pleasant experience.

During the fall, the weather is on the chillier side, but this just means you'll be able to enjoy that early morning cup of coffee that much more. Sipping on the coffee as you and your family bask in the colorful scenery with the sun rising can truly make for a picture perfect moment.

But as ReserveAmerica pointed out, the best reason for camping in the fall is affordability.

Post-Labor Day weekend is an ideal time to go camping because you won't have to worry about booking any campsite reservations or having to deal with large crowds. Rates are also much friendlier to your wallet.

According to Active.com, some of the top fall camping spots are:

  • Allegany State Park (New York)
  • Indian Cave State Park (Nebraska)
  • Chatfield State Recreational Area (Colorado)

Before you head out on a weekend camping trip, you'll have to make sure you have all the necessary equipment and supplies for a successful time. Clothing, food and sleeping arrangements will need to be on your checklist.

Additionally, you may be interested in purchasing an RV, especially if you are an avid and regular camper. If so, contact Landmark Bank and find out ways an auto loan can help you finance the purchase of the vehicle.

Family picking pumpkins

There are plenty of fun fall activities for families.

Visit the orchard

Heading to the orchard to pick some apples is a fall tradition. Now is the time where many families gather as many apples as needed and use them for a variety of recipes.

With the apples gathered from the orchard, you can spend even more family time baking some pies, pancakes or even baked apples stuffed with cinnamon rolls.

And if you're into making your own beer and want a tasty fall beverage, you can brew some apple cider.

Enjoy the outdoors

Much like camping, the fall represents the last time of the year where you can go outside and not have to worry too much about the weather. You'll still need to throw on a hoodie or zip up a light jacket, but the weather is still enjoyable.

But camping isn't your only opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. For those families that aren't keen on spending a few days in the outdoors, there's still a chance to visit various outdoor events. Depending on where you live, street festivals are common throughout this time of the year.

While at these fests, you and your family will be able to walk around and look at various booths where local artists may be showing off artwork, or everyone can sample the many foods available. A local musical artist or band may even put on a concert for the attendees.

If you do plan to head to a fest, be sure to take out some cash from your checking account beforehand because not every street vendor may accept credit or debit cards. Additionally, try arriving earlier in the day so you can catch everything the festival has to offer.

"Camping isn't your only opportunity to enjoy the outdoors."

If there aren't any festivals on the calendar, consider heading out for a bike ride, going for a walk around the local park or even just lighting the backyard fire pit are all great ways for you to spend quality family time with everyone.

Become the No. 1 fan

Fall is truly the best time of the year for sports because all of the major sports are back in action. High school and college football and the NFL are all back in action. It's entirely possible a majority of your week can be spent watching some football. Fridays might be when you watch your son's football game, while Saturday through Thursday are for college and the pros.

Playoff baseball is also just around the corner, as is the start of the NBA and NHL. With so much going on, you can take organize viewing parties and get creative with outdoor setups so everyone can yell and cheer together.

Be sure to clear any plans over with the rest of the family because you don't want to throw anyone off guard with a surprise party.

Even though the weather is starting to cool, there are still plenty of activities for families, from camping to cheering for their favorite teams.

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