Banking your way with Landmark Video Teller ATMs

We at Landmark Bank are providing high-quality services for all of your banking needs.

To improve the convenience of managing your savings and checking account, loan payments and other inquiries, we've introduced our Video Tellers. These innovative devices, which are available in three locations across Texas and Missouri, allow you to get in touch with a live banker at times when you can't make it to a branch during normal business hours.

"The benefit to the customer is that we're able to expand the service hours," said Marty Wohlgemuth, our operations manager. "Because the video teller is staffed remotely from a central point, we can support video teller locations in a lot of areas over a longer period of time with the same teller resources and bankers."

Through our Video Tellers, you have more hours when you can handle your banking tasks and have questions answered. Do you need to pay your auto loan but your local Landmark branch is closed for the evening? Visit a Video Teller to get your payment submitted on time.

What makes Landmark video tellers unique?
When you manage your finances through our unique service machines, you get all the benefits of a drive-thru teller and an ATM.

"[Customers] can ask a banker a question, engage a banker if they have a problem or specific need, cash a check, make a deposit: all of your typical teller transactions," Wohlgemuth said. "[However,] it's not just a self-service option like an ATM or our Internet banking. So, if they have a more pressing need and they need help from a banker beyond what they can get from a self-service channel, we have a banker available to them."

Sometimes you not only require the convenience of our Mobile, ATM and online banking solutions, but also the one-to-one customer service that can only be offered by one of our bankers. Our Video Tellers marry these two benefits.

A banking experience that fits to your schedule
Our goal at Landmark Bank is to provide products and services that fit your life. Here is an example of how a few extra hours helps one of our small business customers better serve their customers:

"We've had situations where customers - some small businesses - have in the past adjusted their business hours so that they could come to the bank during normal banking hours," Wohlgemuth said. "Because we have the ability with our Video Tellers to expand our banking hours, those businesses are operating when they want to and when their customers need them. They can bank on their own terms."

For your convenience, our Video Tellers are available Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. We currently have three machines located at:

  • Our Columbia, Missouri, branch at 202 North Stadium Blvd.
  • Our Houston, Missouri, branch at 1438 S Sam Houston Blvd.
  • Our Sherman, Texas, branch at 720 E Peyton St.

For more tips and updates on the latest in banking technology, contact Landmark Bank.

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