A Home To Stay

"Every house I've bought, I've bought through Landmark, and every time it's been an easy, stress-free process," said Adrienne Jacobs.

Building our home was a tremendously wonderful experience. Our banker helped get the construction loan processed quickly so we could start building, and she sent emails and made phone calls to keep us up to date. Ninety days after we closed on the land, we were able to move in. Isn't it time you became a Landmark?

A Home to Stay

Stress-free isn't usually a phrase that comes to mind when you think of building a home, but for Adrienne Jacobs and her husband, Eddie, the process went about as smoothly as possible.

"When we saw the land, we knew immediately it was the piece of land we wanted," Adrienne said of the 3.9 acres their builder showed them. "We bought it in August, and as soon as we closed, they were pouring the foundation. Ninety days later, we were moving in. It was a tremendously wonderful experience."

It's the third home Adrienne has purchased through Landmark since moving to Ada, Oklahoma, for work 10 years ago and the second home she and Eddie have built together. Adrienne is the community dietitian for the Chickasaw Nation, and Eddie is in administration for Ada City Schools. With such busy jobs, Adrienne and Eddie, along with their two kids — 6-year-old son Leyton and 3-year-old daughter Lexi — are often on the go.  

"On weekdays, it's bright and early mornings, everybody up and getting dressed for school and daycare," Adrienne said. "It's a very set routine to get out the door to school and work on time."

That work, for Adrienne, is a much bigger project than her sweet and humble nature might tell you. As community dietitian, she's intrinsically linked to the community she serves, and her day-to-day used to involve a lot of clinical time and one-on-one counseling. Now, she's in charge of managing a new USDA-funded grant aimed at providing food benefits to vulnerable children in local communities.

Adrienne spends her days thinking about food and nutrition, but it's Eddie who's in charge of the cooking when the family returns home at the end of the day. 

"I plan the meals to make sure we're making healthier choices," Adrienne said, "but it's Eddie who does the cooking. He's a great cook. We're a good team."

Because they keep so busy during the week, family time is a big priority for the Jacobs. Their rustic house is an extension of that priority and gives the family the space — both inside and out — to relax, play and enjoy one another's company.    

"There are about nine to 11 deer, a whole family, that we get to watch in the yard every day, and they just hang around and look at us," said Adrienne. "It's really private and quiet here."

For the Jacobs, it's the peaceful retreat their busy family needs. And Adrienne is grateful to both their builder and Patty Broome at Landmark Bank for helping them get there and keeping the process so smooth. 

"Every house I've bought, I've bought through Landmark, and every time it's been an easy, stress-free process," Adrienne said. "My son keeps saying we're never, ever selling this house, though, so I think we'll be here a while." 

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