4 security tips for online banking

These days, technology constantly intersects with our everyday lives. From storing a grocery list to meeting a potential significant other, you can do almost anything with technology. But what about banking? 

You may not be as used to the idea of online banking, but it has a number of benefits. By utilizing smart security measures, online banking can become not only fast and convenient, but secure as well. Never again will you have to rush to the post office in the rain to ensure your electric bill gets paid on time.

To safely integrate online banking into your everyday schedule, consider these four security tips:

  1. Create a Herculean password: The password for your online banking account should be extremely strong. This means skipping passwords that could be easily guessed, such as your birthday or full name. Even something simple like 1234 should be avoided. Instead, use multiple characters and a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. For example, if you want your password to be SafeBanking, you can make it stronger by swapping out letters for numbers and adding a symbol, like this: S4f3~B4nking.
  2. Be wary of suspicious emails: You should never trust an email claiming to be from your bank requesting your account information. A bank would never ask for these details over email, so responding can put you at risk. The same goes for any suspicious phone calls. The best way to access your account is to go to the bank's official website and log in, or call the financial institution using a number you're familiar with.
  3. Use a secure network: Where you log on matters just as much as how. Avoid online banking in public locations that might not have secure networks. Use a computer on a line you know is secure, or look for a padlock icon in the corner of your browser, the Better Business Bureau advises. That signals a safe, encrypted connection.
  4. Keep checking in: Perhaps most importantly, safe online banking means you should check on your account regularly. You may get comfortable with the system over time, but don't become too passive. Reviewing your account statements is a surefire way to catch any suspicious purchases. No matter how smart technology is, human intuition is still worth more, and is important for ensuring security.

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