3 reasons to use Mobile Banking while holiday shopping

Did you know Mobile Banking is especially useful when you're buying gifts and decorations for the holidays?

Considering you'll be shopping often, this type of app can help you keep an eye on what's in your checking account. Plus, it can help you give something special to people you love.

Here are three reasons to use Mobile Banking this holiday season:

Gift money with Bill Pay
Although it's the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, there are some people who are hard to shop for and others who prefer money. Additionally, this gift option is often more convenient for recipients who live far away.

Rather than handing someone cash or a check this holiday season, send money using our Bill Pay services, which can be accessed via your Mobile Banking app. Within this service, we have Popmoney. This is an industry-leading person-to-person payment system that allows you to send and receive money for a small fee, and the transactions can be processed in as little as one day.

Plus, Popmoney doesn't require account information to be exchanged, and you can add eGreetings to your payment for a fun holiday message. All you need is the payee's mobile phone number or email address.

Keep track of your account balance
If you believe money is an unimaginative gift, you'll be heading out to the stores this holiday season. Between picking up gifts and grabbing a few on-sale decorations, you stand to spend a lot of money on your trips. While this is the season of giving, your billers and creditors still expect their payments.

To manage your holiday spending, you can access your Mobile Banking app on the go. If there's a huge sale and only one of the toy your child wants is left, you want to get it before the store sells out. Rather than running to the ATM to see if you have the necessary funds, check your phone, verify you can afford the purchase and snag the perfect gift.

Make secure payments with Bill Pay
If you're fond of online shopping or prefer to use a credit card for your holiday purchases, you can safely pay your bill via Mobile Banking. Our app includes multifactor authentication to ensure your payment information can't be compromised if your phone is lost or stolen while you're fighting other consumers for the last Disney's Frozen™ Sparkle Dolls and other hot toys this holiday season.

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