Can you handle Plutonium in 2017?

Toward the end of 2016, Euromonitor International stated for the first time, credit card transactions overtook cash payments. Credit card payments accounted for $23.1 trillion globally. That growth isn't an outlier - it's expected to continue until 2021. You'll likely be on the receiving end of numerous credit card offers as companies look for your business.

Though if there's only one card you should sign up for, it's Landmark Bank's Plutonium Credit Card.

Sign up for a rewards card

If you haven't done so already, sign up for a rewards card. Companies know more people utilize credit cards and they're going to offer many incentives as a way to attract your business.

Using a rewards card can put money back in your pocket in the form of cash back bonuses, discounts at certain stores and points toward airline miles.

There are rewards cards for virtually every category, so if you've yet to sign up for one, be sure to carefully research your options. But if you want a credit card that beats the competition, look no further than Landmark Bank's Plutonium credit card.

Credit cardRewards offer an incentive to use credit cards.

The power of Plutonium

Our Plutonium card is available in two types: standard and Signature. While there are slight differences between the two, both Plutonium cards hold a significant advantage over other cards on the market.

Our competitors often nickel and dime customers with fees. At Landmark, we don't charge additional interest on top of fees, which saves you money. We also won't charge you compounding interest (interest on interest), according to Landmark's VP of Payment Products, David Shipper. 

The real power of Plutonium, however, is how much you'll earn back on every purchase. You'll earn 0.75 percent back on purchases with the standard card and 1.25 percent back with Signature. 

Additionally, you'll earn redeemable points on every purchase:

  • Plutonium: 2.25 percent back; 1.50 percent back on restaurants; and 0.75 percent back on everything else.
  • Signature Plutonium: 3.75 percent back on gas; 2.50 percent back on restaurants; and 1.25 percent back on everything else.

You can then redeem points through Landmark Rewards. Use those points on gift cards, travel packages, hotels, cash and merchandise.

The more you spend, the more cashback and points you get.

Plutonium's added benefits

Landmark's Plutonium cards also come with features designed to protect and help you.

"Plutonium cards also come with features designed to protect and help you."

Our Signature card offers price protection, a feature gives you a refund if you've made an eligible purchase and see a lower advertised price within 60 days. Signature's other features include roadside dispatch and Visa Signature Concierge, to name a few.

We also ensure your Plutonium card doesn't become too big of a financial burden. The card's annual percentage rate is capped at 24.99 percent, unlike other companies that may charge 30 percent APR or higher.

And in the event you're late on a monthly payment, you'll only be charged a late fee of $20 - lower than the industry standard, as NerdWallet said late fees may increase to $30 this year.

Finally, Plutonium comes with Landmark Shield to protect you against fraud.

Use Plutonium carefully

Our Plutonium line of cards aren't actually radioactive, but you'll still need to handle them with care. Don't spend more money than you make just to take collect rewards points. You still need to stay within your budget or you'll risk building up credit card debt.

And always pay your bill on time. We offer a lower APR, but failing to bill your monthly balance in full will result in higher interest payments.

As credit usage continues to rise, make sure you have a credit card that works for you and look no further than Plutonium.

For more information about smart ways to manage your finances, contact Landmark Bank.

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