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Charlie Myers smiles as he recaps his last 30 years in business—the highs, the lows, and the big risks that have led to big rewards. And Myers has a lot to be proud of. He's made quite the run in north Texas, and his company, MYCON General Contractors, just hit a new milestone—bringing in $300 million in 2017.

It was 1987 when Myers took a leap of faith, striking out on his own when his wife was pregnant with their first child. With business development expertise from his father, bookkeeping from his mother, and a project superintendent, he got to work. 

Through small remodels and loyal client relationships, the business quickly outpaced his mom's bookkeeping skills, growing from his home garage headquarters to a quaint and charming, 130-year-old building in downtown McKinney. There, MYCON grew roots. 

Over 15 years in McKinney, MYCON made an indelible mark on the north Texas landscape, erecting hundreds of buildings like the McKinney Corporate Center, PARC 114 Business Park, First Choice ER and dozens more commercial facilities in north central Texas. 

MYCON's relationship with Landmark Bank began in the early 2000s, back when brick and mortar banking was booming.   

Myers is a Landmark Bank shareholder.Myers is a Landmark Bank shareholder.

"Banks were snapping up all the real estate in Texas, the best corners, and they were building a lot," Myers said. 

Landmark was growing in several markets, and chose MYCON to build their first branch in Sherman. The partnership grew quickly and over the next decade, MYCON built more than a dozen Landmark  Bank branches—in Gainesville, Lindsay, Whitesboro, Denison, and Madill—and numerous freestanding drive-thru ATMs and video tellers.

In Madill, what was planned to be a simple Landmark Bank renovation turned into a turn-of-the-century remodel when demo led to the discovery of original components of the 1900s bank building that had previously existed there. MYCON spearheaded the project, engaging residents and community leaders, and building what wasn't always on the drawings to bring back the building's former glory. The finished branch is a breathtaking nod to the historical bank, with practical implications, like elegant, period piece fixtures with high-efficiency lights. MYCON even restored the bank's main entryway to historic specifications, enabling the bank to gain official designation for the entry as a historic landmark. 

"Shortly after that and seeing first-hand how Landmark does business, we decided to move our business there. These are people we want to associate ourselves with."

Myers is a Landmark Bank shareholder and uses the bank's services for his personal banking, private wealth management, commercial loans and the financial operations for MYCON's entire enterprise.  He says his relationship with Landmark is more than a transaction, that the partnership has been vital to MYCON's success. 

Myers says the personalized service he gets from Landmark bankers is a gamechanger. 

"It's almost like concierge service with your bank. They've come here to learn more about our business. They call to check in. They really take an interest in us. I have never had that type of service from any other bank."

Last year, MYCON outgrew their McKinney office and moved into an existing facility they remodeled along Dallas North Tollway. Now, the company has grown to more than 125 associates and sits comfortably on the short list of retail builders, having gained expertise managing projects for Walmart Supercenters, TJ Maxx stores, Blockbusters and Best Buys. They've also built more than 300 financial institutions and they've developed a niche for building schools and churches. 

MYCON ended 2017 at $300 million, up from $188 million in 2016. The huge jump represents a lot of hard work, dedication and good timing on a number of pivotal projects. Last year, MYCON erected the massive IKEA store in Grand Prairie. They also completed the Tanger Outlet Mall south of the speedway in Fort Worth. Those two projects alone brought in close to $90 million. 

"Our five year goal set two years ago was to be at $400 million and we are almost there already," Myers said. "But being the biggest company in town is not important to me. I want to be the best company in town."

To that end, Myers is focused on attracting, engaging, and growing talent. He and his team have created MYCON U, a comprehensive training program with a three-year curriculum where associates can challenge themselves to develop business and specific industry skills. Career pathing is included, keeping talent motivated and on target with opportunities for growth. 

MYCON isn't just focused on north Texas' physical landscape, but on enriching its educational one. The company recently established its own educational foundation used to gift college scholarships, provide tuition assistance to disadvantaged youth, and for a large annual donation to Texas A&M University. Myers says it's a way of doing well for the company and the industry by doing the most good. 

"Giving everyone the opportunity for a good education is the easiest way to correct the disparity in wealth, to end poverty in north Texas. That's our goal. It's good for our business and it's something I believe in. It will help our community and our company."

Back in his own Texas landmark, Myers looks out his office windows toward the bustling Dallas metro and toward MYCON's future. On his mind—how they'll continue adapting to the changing face of retail and how they'll strategically break into new markets while nurturing their north Texas roots. He says thanks to the partnerships he's made here, and support from Landmark Bank, MYCON is uniquely positioned and ready to make even more landmarks. 

"North Texas continues to be a great place for businesses to start, relocate and expand into. I never had any doubt that if we were going to make a run, it'd be here."

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