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It's the holiday season, which means a long list of gifts to buy that seems to stretch farther than your wallet. With Cyber Monday and Black Friday in your rearview mirror, it's tough to know where to find great deals for all the folks on your shopping list. This holiday season there's still time to get great deals on popular items. Don't overspend when shopping by using these great online shopping tips.

Cyber Monday wasn't your final chance to save 
Did you know that Black Friday is not the best day to find great deals, and that Cyber Monday is not the only day for great online deals? Sure you could have found a great door buster deal if you hurried away from Thanksgiving dinner to wait in line, but that was only one good bargain for the season. Cyber Monday seems like a great second chance on a discounted purchase, but what's available isn't always the top of the line item your loved ones asked for. 

"Tuesday is the best day of the week to find general deals overall on online purchases."

Consumer Reports analyzed sales from a two-year study by and found that the best days for online purchases aren't the days immediately following Thanksgiving. In fact, the number of discounts on name brand items are at their highest during Dec. 1 - 13.

You better shop around 
A huge part of getting a good deal is price comparison. Online searches are perfect for helping you stay within your budget.

"Spend 20 minutes and ensure you are getting the best deal out there," said WhaleShark Media's Senior Vice President of mobile, John Faith, to The New York Times.

If you're low on time, use a deal site to find bargains. With a site like you can sign up for email alerts to keep you updated on new and upcoming holiday sales.

"Online only retailers tend to offer discounts 5 percent lower than their brick-and-mortar, online-plus counterparts."

What makes a great deal? Automatic deal-finding site Shop It To Me suggested to The Times a great deal starts at 40 percent off. Any less than that and a customer should keep looking.

Gift cards are great idea
If you find a great deal online for a department store, use the in-store pick-up function to avoid extra shipping fees.

When it comes to online only retailers, sites such as offer online coupons and promotional codes for about 4,000 retailers, including Amazon. Use these and keep the savings you achieved from all your hard work deal shopping.

Finally, if it comes to the point where you just can't find the perfect deal online, or worse, you do but the gift is sold out, purchase a gift card for that hard-to-shop-for friend or family member on your list.

You can even find discounts when shopping online for gift cards. is great for sniffing out the perfect department store gift card. Use to find discounts on Amazon gift cards and more.

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