You're safe and sound with Internet Banking

If you're like most consumers, guarding your financial information is as important as keeping embarrassing photos from making their way on the Internet.

Like those pictures, savings and checking account numbers, PINs and other information can be destructive in the wrong hands. For this reason, we provide a secure Internet Banking experience that keeps your private information from prying eyes. In fact, compared with major retailers that also store account data, banks are more secure, according to a recent report from CNBC.

The headlines are full of news about cybersecurity breaches at popular stores across the globe, and consumers are concerned about their funds and privacy. With the threats that are present, it's reassuring to hear financial institutions are on top of things. David Kennedy, a hacker that is hired by clients to discover vulnerabilities in their systems, told the source one key advantage banks offer compared to retailers is zero-liability protection.

"If your bank information gets hacked you're not liable for that type of funds," he said.

Adding another layer of security for your account
The American Bankers Association said banks have the highest level of security in any industry in the U.S., and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually to ensure consumer information is protected, CNBC reported. As threats evolve, security measures are expanded to stop hackers in their tracks.

While these protections are in place, you still have to do your part to ensure your information is secure. Regularly changing your passwords, keeping them safe from unauthorized users and avoiding phishing scams are all key ways to prevent hackers from accessing your accounts.

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