Spend less on the groceries you love: Part II

If you're still looking for ways to save money on grocery shopping, we've got you covered with more tips.

Sometimes, finding a deal is solely about knowing which items are less expensive and understanding what gives you the best value for the price you pay. In certain cases, protecting your checking account from hefty grocery costs comes down to planning.

Here are ways you can shop smarter:

Plan meals for the week
Before you hit the store, determine what you want to eat for weeks at a time. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks in between. Although this strategy can be a time-consuming task, it will help you control how much you spend at the grocery store. Plus, you won't have to scramble to come up with meals after work, and you'll know in advance if you need to prep any of your meals the night before you cook them.

Upcoming sales may not align with tastes, but you can refine your meal plans around items that are discounted. If ground beef is on sale, for instance, you may want to cook a hearty chili or spaghetti with meat sauce. You can also plan around what you already have in the house.

Create a shopping list
This is an old but true tip. After making your meal plans, you'll know exactly what you need from the store. Grab a pen and paper and create a checklist for the store. If you're more fond of electronic methods, there are several grocery list apps, such as Grocery IQ™, in which you can enter your items. When you shop, the list will be arranged by sections of the store.

This tip only works if you stick to your list. Although you may see microwave popcorn on sale, if it's not on the list, it's not going in your cart.

Know the best day to shop
You may like to go grocery shopping on the weekends when you're off work, but it may be better to shop midweek. Wednesday is actually the best day to stock up, as managers tend to mark down items that are reaching by their sell-by date on this day. Plus, new circulars are typically released on hump day, and stores tend to honor the previous week's sale prices.

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