Healthy doses of digital and branch banking

While many of you still enjoy coming into one of our community branches for your banking needs, other consumers prefer to manage their checking accounts while on the go.

Internet Banking continues to deliver the convenience and speed you want, according to Insurance News Net. As a result, you may experience less of a wait at your local branch, as customers can handle many of their banking needs themselves. This means you may not be waiting behind a line of people who are scheduling transfers when you want to open a new savings account.

In fact, home loans and other complex banking tasks, such as opening an account, are often the services consumers visit a branch to get, Harvard Business Review reported.

"Banking isn't like selling records or music CDs," the source said. "A bank's products and services are often complicated. Security and trust are paramount."

Of course, this is not to say Internet Banking doesn't have its perks. Plus, as consumer demands change, our online and mobile channels continue to evolve with our customers' needs.

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