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Although Mobile Banking has been around for a while, some consumers still view it as scary space-age technology.

However, these fears may stem from a lack of understanding about what protections Mobile Banking offers. A recent GoBankingRates survey revealed the some of the common fears consumers have with technology as well as ways to overcome these concerns.

Here are three security fears the report found and steps we take to protect your checking account information:

  • Identity theft: The poll revealed 37 percent of respondents cited this issue as their top Mobile Banking concern. We address identity theft by providing high-end security measures, which include encryption and password protection. Additionally, we have PassMark, which allows you to select an image, passphrase and three challenge questions to guard your account.
  • Lost or stolen device: Of the respondents concerned about security, 84 percent said their fears stemmed from the thought of losing their devices or becoming victims of smartphone theft. In addition to the aforementioned safeguards for our Mobile banking solutions, we also provide a number of security tips that can protect your information in the event your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen. We suggest installing a remote wipe app, locking your device and updating your banking app, among other tips.
  • Fraudulent apps: There are many fake apps out there that try to impersonate banks. These apps use phishing scams to get you to divulge your login information and then direct you to re-download the app. To avoid these scams, download only the official Landmark Mobile Banking apps. Links to the Android and Apple versions can be found on our website.

For more tips and updates on the latest in banking technology, contact Landmark Bank.

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