Date night on a dime: Affordable ways to treat your honey

Few people want to be seen as cheap when they take their sweetie pies out for a good time, but there are ways to spend less of the money from your checking account while dating.

Of course, you still may not want your date to see you slipping the wait staff a coupon when the bill arrives. However, the classic dinner-and-a-movie strategy has become more pricey, so you may want to consider other options.

Fortunately, there are some inexpensive date ideas that will please your wallet and your future significant other.

Here are some things you can do together:

Find free and fun activities
When you're attempting to impress someone you're interested in, your urge to spend money may be greater. However, you don't need to spend much if you choose dates at free venues.

Many museums have free days. You get a chance to partake in some of the institution's activities and view artwork, fossils and other interesting objects.

If you're around a major city, check for free local festivals. You and your date can engage in a variety of activities at these events, and you'll likely only have to spend money on a snack.

Get up and get active
The best dates are ones with more interaction. Movies are fun, but you can't talk to each other, and you're both sitting during dinner.

Why not go outside and move around for your date? Head to a local park and go for a stroll. If you're more adventurous, you can go for a bike ride. You can also consider canoeing, kayaking, free outdoor fitness classes and other options.

Have a picnic
After all that physical exercise, you'll probably be hungry. You could both go home, change and meet up later at a restaurant, or you could save time and money by packing a picnic.

After your stroll or bike ride, find a nice spot to spread a blanket and eat with your date. You don't have to shell out money for overpriced restaurant food, and you get the opportunity to chat about your interests and hobbies while enjoying the weather.

Meet for coffee
This is a classic and affordable move. Plus, it's an alternative if outdoor activities aren't feasible due to the weather. The coffee date has more of a casual feel, and there's no need to put on fancy attire when you're sipping lattes together.

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