5 tips to keep your wallet as full as your stomach on Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving marks historical events and is a time of reflecting on what you should be thankful for, it's hard to forget the allure of a hot turkey leg and cornbread stuffing.

There's nothing like chowing down on a large, home-cooked meal with family and friends. Afterward, you can loosen your belt, kick back and check out the Thanksgiving football games. Not to mention, you can join the crowds for Black Friday deals.

However, the fun of the holiday may be less apparent if you're hosting the dinner, particularly if your checking account is funding all the food, drinks and delicious pumpkin and sweet potato pies. Here are five tips to cut down your expenses:

  1. Have your guests chip in. Potlucks are a viable alternative to buying and preparing everything by yourself. Assign dishes for your guests to bring. Not only does this tip save you money, but it also reduces the amount of time you spend slaving over the stove. That means more time for revelry and cheering on your favorite football team.
  2. Look for sales and coupons. Check sales papers for your local grocery store to find discounts and clip coupons. Shop around if necessary. Also, you may be able to find better deals a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Plus, you won't have to fight the crowd for the last turkey the day before the holiday.
  3. Buy in bulk. Head to a warehouse store to purchase large quantities of items at a more affordable price. Why purchase a few boxes of cornbread mix at the grocery store to make stuffing for 20 people when you can find one larger and cheaper box at a warehouse store?
  4. Reign in your spread. Although you may be tempted to beef up your Thanksgiving meal with all the foods traditionally associated with the holiday, consider scaling back your selection. Also, go with simpler recipes. The cooking network may inspire you to go with a scrumptious turkey covered in a peach rosemary glaze, but creating this dish could mean spending more on ingredients.
  5. Avoid fancy wine. You don't need a $50 bottle of wine to impress friends and family on Thanksgiving. There are plenty more affordable and tasty options you can buy. When everyone's having a good time, little attention will be paid to the brand.

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