5 tips for mastering your mortgage application

Are you fond of taking a large amount of time to complete paperwork? If not, you probably think completing applications for mortgages is as much fun as a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

While home loan documentation can be tedious, you won't be sent through exhausting lines while waiting to get the services you need. Plus, there are many ways to get help along the way.

Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Contact your loan officer. There are some journeys in life you must make alone, but completing a mortgage application isn't one of them. To be sure, this is a daunting and tedious task, even for borrowers who are applying for home loans for the second time. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to your loan officer. Our mortgage professionals are ready to answer any questions you have about the application, including what some terminology means and what documentation is required.
  2. Apply online. While there is nothing wrong with a paper application, save yourself the hassle of having to get a new one if you make a mistake and apply using our convenient Web portal. You can choose from one of many local Landmark lenders and start an application. Breaks are allowed, and you need only to log in with a unique username and password to pick up where you left off.
  3. Don't try to power through the application. We allow you to come back to your mortgage materials for a reason. Applying for real estate loans is a complex process that should be done with patience and care. If information is incorrect or missing, we won't be able to have a precise understanding of your qualifications. Take your time.
  4. Gather all supporting documentation. When determining which mortgage is best for you, we look at a variety of factors, some of which require you to attach additional documents. These include documents to verify your assets, such as savings and checking account statements. Again, providing complete and accurate information is essential, so check with your loan officer if you're unsure of what to include.
  5. Don't forget to sign. By signing the application, you certify all the information in your application is accurate to your knowledge. Once you've signed and submitted the documents, we can get to work on finding the best mortgage for your homebuying needs.

For more information about smart ways to manage your finances, contact Landmark Bank.

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