3 tips to avoid the stress of an overdrawn checking account

Do you ever forget how much money you have in your checking account? After swiping your debit card a few times at the mall, writing a few checks for expenses, making monthly transfers to your savings account or setting up automatic payments for your bills, it can be easy to lose track of how much money you have on hand.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to keep an eye on your balance and ensure you're not spending too much. Here are three tips for tracking your account activity:

  1. Use a check register. Some years ago, before mobile and online banking options existed, all transactions were recorded in a check register, which is small booklet that allows you to list your transactions and can be paired with your current book of checks. You can still use one to track your spending.
  2. Enroll in Internet Banking. If you're like many of today's consumers, then banking online is a priority. Rather than manually entering each transaction description, code, check number, amount and balance in a registry, we offer you more ease and convenience. Internet banking takes care of the recording process, and you can view your account information at any time from a computer or web browser on your tablet or smartphone.
  3. Get text alerts. When you're part of the on-the-go generation, hopping on the Web to check your balance may also be time consuming. Why should you wait to get a balance update when the clearance flat-screen television you want may not be there tomorrow? With our Mobile Banking solutions, you see how much is in your account, transfer funds, view transaction history and submit help requests as fast as you can type a short command and hit send.

For more information about smart ways to manage your finances, contact Landmark Bank.

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