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How to sell your home during the cold winter months

Winter may be the housing market's off-season, but there are some real estate tips and tricks you can use to still sell a home during winter. 

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Freddie Mac introduces new 'green' mortgage to help homeowners reduce utility bills

Homeowners have a lot of bills to pay in addition to their mortgages, with an average of $9,400 in annual total home costs, including roughly $2,200 in utilities. Now, thanks to new GreenCHOICE Mortgages offerings, low-income families can get financial aid to make home repairs that will save energy and reduce utility costs.

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The scariest financial statistics facing millennials, and what to do about them

There are some truly terrifying financial statistics about millennials out there, and while they may make you want to cover your eyes, having the courage to confront them can be instructive--and maybe even life-saving!

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Why Americans are saving less for retirement, and how you can buck the trend

“Save for retirement” is one of those commandments that’s easier said than done. And these days, it’s not being done nearly enough.

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